Top Tweezers for Eye Brows: Tips to Choose Your Best Match

When you look in the mirror, do you notice your eyebrows?

Brows are a part of the face whose grooming is subtle, yet also crucial to the overall look. Extreme brows, whether too thick or too sparse, can ruin a look that is otherwise perfect.

How can you choose and execute your desired brow shape? The perfect look begins with the perfect tweezers. The best eye brow tweezer is the one that suits the grooming task you are trying to achieve.

Are Tweezers Archaic?

When it comes to fashion, new innovations seem to arise every five minutes. If you are willing to spend the money and endure the pain there are loads of options for removing brow hairs, from threading to waxes to laser hair removal.

The Case for Eyebrow Tweezers

Whatever new trends may arise for brow hairs, professional grade tweezers will never be the wrong choice for shaping, thinning and stray hairs. With practice a good pair of tweezers can be used just as quickly as waxing or threading, but for free and without having to leave home.

Great quality tweezers are a true investment in beauty. They're essential for your grooming after a shower, work great for a quick touchup before putting on foundation, and can save you from a random chin hair that you notice in the car mirror right before an event (pro tip: get an extra pair for your car.)

Choose Your Eye Brow Tweezer

There are hundreds of different manufacturers and styles of eyebrow tweezers, so which ones should you choose? They can cost as little as a dollar or up to a couple hundred, they come in a wide variety of styles, and different shapes have different beauty functions. Which features and shapes are essential for your beauty routine?

The Right Eyebrow Tweezers for Your Desired Brow Shape

While there are dozens of types of tweezers, there are only a few that are widely available and have the versatility to be useful for eyebrows.

Slant Tweezers

Slant tweezers are the most versatile and the one that you should probably have multiple pairs of. The pointed tip of the tweezers is good for carefully plucking a single hair, while the slant edge can pluck a larger area at once, allowing you to quickly remove lots of brow hairs if you suddenly realize your grooming has become lax.

Pointed Tweezers

These tweezers are ideal for carefully thinning your brows, as they are designed for precision; you are much less likely to accidentally pull a whole clump of hair instead of the one or two hairs that you intended.

Straight Tip Tweezers

These tweezers have a wide tweezing surface, allowing you to pull a lot of hairs all at once, and move quickly across a freshly tweezed lid or brow instead of trying to painstakingly pluck individual hairs. They may not be the best for detailed work or thinning but they serve a good purpose none the less.

Good Materials: The Mark of Professional Grade Tweezers

The best tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel, which is rust resistant and stays sharp. While you will occasionally want to give them a better edge by squeezing a file in the tweezers and pulling it through them a few times to remove buildup and hone the edge, stainless steel tweezers are overall very easy to maintain.

A quality coating over the stainless steel on the handle of the tweezers can improve grip and comfort. If you've ever had hand cramps during an extended grooming session you will know how important tweezer comfort is. Your eyebrow tweezers should be as ergonomic as possible to make grooming painless and productive.

A Little Fun: Consider Meditations for Your Brow Hairs

Coated tweezers come in a variety of colors and can have amusing phrases emblazoned on their sides

While quality and comfort are important it doesn't hurt to enjoy a little whimsy in your beauty routine. Some professional grade tweezers come with amusing phrases and pretty colors, ensuring that you will smile whenever you use them, which could be the best beauty hack of all: smiling helps lift your facial structure and brings out your best features, and laughter is good for your health. So choose tweezers that will lift your spirits while removing your stray hairs.

Making Beauty A Part of Your Daily Routine

When you have the right tools, that look nice and make you happy, that are comfortable to hold and effective at their task, it is much easier to prioritize beauty in your daily life. Good tweezers will be a pleasure to use, so keep a pair in your makeup kit, another in your travel bag, and another in your glove box. You don't want to have to search when you recognize a hair emergency so make sure you are ready for anything by having quality eyebrow tweezers ready at all times.

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