Celebrity Esthetician Plucks Success By Creating Trendy Tweezers

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A quiet neighborhood that’s tucked in the Hollywood Hills has been recently bustling with visitors who are seeking the services of a celebrity esthetician.

Ten-year waxing veteran Rebecca Pletner has been on a mission to change the ways of the beauty industry for quite some time, and she recently found the right niche to do so — house call waxing services.

According to Pletner, celebrities tend to utilize house call services for the majority of their needs. But within the last year or so, many young professionals have begun to ask estheticians to provide spa services outside of salons.

“I definitely see a rise in house call waxing services because people are frustrated with heavy traffic and huge work loads,” Pletner explained. “Most importantly, people pay for convenience! Now that you can do just about anything from home, why not do your waxing services [there] as well?”

As needs of the industry shifted, Pletner noticed that the quality of tweezers she was using on clients at a Los Angeles salon wasn’t up to par.

She then designed a trendy line of 11 millimeter tweezers and opened her own business, Secret Service Beauty, to provide full body waxing services in the greater Los Angeles area.

“With other companies, many times, tweezers are not cut properly and the hair breaks without pulling the whole bulb and then regrowth happens much more quickly,” Pletner explained. “Our tweezers have the exact slant to rest perfectly against the skin to achieve the perfect [pluck] every time. They are hand crafted in Italy for precision, designed in Los Angeles for a unique, edgy style and are made out of stainless steel.”

To help customers identify with the tweezers, Pletner added fun sayings such as “Hollywood,” “Pluck it,” and “The Struggle is Real,” which sparked a huge following on Instagram.

She later expanded the collection to include a duo brow brush, brow powders, and lip gloss.

As for the future of Secret Service Beauty, Pletner says she will continue to develop new products and stay ahead of the trends in the beauty industry.

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