Best Eyebrow Tweezers for Grooming Success

If you are thinking of setting up a new makeup bag, your new look could rely on your ability to find the best eyebrow tweezers. Nothing can draw out the natural beauty of a person's facial structure quite like perfectly groomed facial hair in general, and eyebrows in particular. There is little point spending a couple hundred dollars on foundation, mascara and eyeliner if you will struggle through a painful and ineffective attempt to remove unwanted hair before you can even apply it. Quality tweezers will easily grab unwanted hair, allowing you to easily shape your eyebrows.

Brow Hairs

Professional tweezers yield a lifetime of perfect eyebrows

Professional tweezers will easily and precisely grab short stubble and pluck even fine hairs from the tip to the root, making hair removal easy and painless. The result will be eyebrows that enhance your face, without the risk of ingrown hairs that can result from shaving.

  • Slant tweezers offer precise control and effectiveness. The angle of their tip makes them versatile, able to remove several hairs at once or a single hair. These are the most common tweezers, esthetician tested and found to be versatile and effective.

  • Point tweezer tips are great for those individual fine hairs that the slant tweezers sometimes miss. Their sharp tip is also great for selective thinning, or cleaning up the edges of brows.

  • Round tweezer tips are preferred by some for the same tasks in which slant tweezers excel.

  • Eyelash tweezer tips can maneuver to remove lashes that threaten to fall into your eye, and are also perfect for removing a splinter.

According to this dermatologist, repeated plucking will cause eyebrows to stop growing back, so precise plucking on a consistent basis can cause the job of plucking to get easier as years go by. By the same token it is important to be careful not to overpluck, as you may wish your eyebrows could become more full later on when trends change. Full, however, should not be taken to mean unkempt, and tidy brows will never go out of style, so tweezers are here to stay. Investing in the best eyebrow tweezers will pay off in any fashion era.

Facial Hair

contouring your cheekbones is much more effective without facial hair in the wayUnwanted hair detracts from your face's most distinctive and beautiful structural characteristics. Clean, hairless skin will instantly make your chin look more chiseled and your brow bone more defined. A good pair of stainless steel tweezers will greatly enhance your grooming routine, making hair removal a breeze.

  • As mentioned, ingrown hair is a real risk for shaven skin, which is greatly reduced by plucking.

  • Smooth skin free of unwanted hair will make you feel more confident.

  • Many women are plagued by unwanted hair on their upper lip and chin, and fear that shaving may leave unsightly stubble. This hair is often too fine to be plucked with low quality tweezers, but well-made tweezers can do the job well, especially for those who have a hard time finding a wax that their skin will tolerate. Slant tweezers are a good choice for these hairs.

  • Even if you have a lot of unwanted hair, never fear. High quality tweezers will make the job of unwanted hair removal quicker and easier, preventing hair breakage and allowing a precision grip to pull hair by the root the first time.

Fine Hairs

Even the finest, nearly invisible "peach fuzz" has a surprising effect on the look of your face; clean, sharp contours draw the eye to your best features, yet only the highest quality tweezer tips will be able to pluck this fine hair. Makeup adheres more cleanly to hairless skin, and can also make fine hair appear more visible than they would have; removing fine hair near the temples can allow a cleaner cheekbone and brow bone and draw more attention to the eyes. Precision is key for this task, and so quality tweezers will quickly show their value.

Ingrown Hairs and other Unsightly Things

Everyone struggles with clogged pores and ingrown hairs from time to time, especially on the nose and chin. Point tweezer tips are especially suited for precision work like loosening and removing the causes of these lumps, whether dried sebum or coiled ingrown hairs, and can grasp even tiny edges of such impurities. Even after a clay mask some tweezing is often needed to finish the job of removing the contents of blackheads. Be prepared with the perfect pair of quality tweezers.

First Aid

A good pair of tweezers isn't just important for personal grooming; excellent tweezers should be a central part of your first aid bag as well as your beauty bag.

  • Slanted tweezers are good for all purpose removal of a splinter or a bee stinger.

  • Eyelash tweezers can even be used to tie stitches.

  • Point tweezer tips are good for smaller splinters and thorns.

As with your beauty routine, quality tweezers can make all the difference between a cleanly removed splinter and a splinter that breaks up and causes painful infection. Purchase with care.


One can buy tweezers almost anywhere but poor quality will make itself evident very quickly.

  • It's important to choose high quality stainless steel tweezers, which are rust resistant and have good durability. The longevity of the tweezers and the ease of keeping them clean will quickly overcome the added price of purchasing a professional grade tweezer. When cheap tweezers become rusty at the tips the rust keeps them from closing entirely, making them ineffective for hair removal.

  • The right tweezers will have calibrated tension and excellent material, assuring years of practical use over the lifetime of the tweezers and allowing excellent precision in selecting which hairs to remove.

  • The best tweezers will be coated, allowing a good grip and a comfortable hold. Fun colors or slogans are a bonus. You will be spending a lot of time holding your tweezers over their lifetime, so why not make sure they are pleasant to the touch?

  • Well made tweezers should be easy to sharpen and maintain. Poorly maintained tweezer tips are more prone to providing a painful pinch. Tweezing will sometimes hurt, but anything that minimizes discomfort is a win.


It is possible to grab a pair of tweezers for only a few dollars, but the painful experience of trying pull hair with them will make you prefer not to do so again. The best tweezers will resist rust, maintain their sharpness, and have the perfect slanted position to tweeze while making the process as precise and painless as possible. Esthetician tested tweezers will quickly prove their worth as your beauty routine becomes easier and less painful.

Treating yourself to an excellent pair of tweezers--or several, with different tweezer tips for different tweezer tasks--will be a good investment for your new self care routine.

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