How to Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows with Tweezers

Whether you want to shape your brow hairs or remove unwanted hair that you don't like, you're going to need the right pair of eyebrow tweezers to get your desired brow shape and grab hairs that drive you crazy. Ingrown hairs are a big problem for both men and women and the only way to fix it is by using the best tweezers for the job. A slanted tip and stainless steel make the perfect tweezers for the hair removal that you want to carry out.

It may not be a well-known fact but any kind of facial hair can be removed with eyebrow tweezers, from tiny, fine hairs to coarse hair. As long as you have tiny hairs that you want to remove, there's a pair of professional-grade tweezers to help you get it done. Ingrown hairs never have to be a problem again and your unwanted hair will grow back finer and easier to remove.

For eyebrow shaping, ingrown dislodging, and banishing errant face hairs

Plucking your brow hair and taking out stubborn hairs that you can't seem to get rid of doesn't have to be the chore that it is right now. All you need is a pair of high-quality tweezers to remove hair once and for all. Your finest hairs may require point tweezers while coarser hair removal is going to be easiest with an angled tip. No matter what kind of eyebrow tweezers you need, professional-grade tweezers will always be your best option.

Eyebrow shaping and eyebrow grooming with stainless steel tools that have a nice grip will give you precise control to help you pull the hairs from your skin in the fastest way possible. It will be a difference you can see right away if you've only used cheap brands in the past. Even quick touch-ups will be easier with the best tweezers you can get and the stainless steel construction will keep them serving you for a long time to come.

Slant Tweezer tips

The best tweezers for most jobs will have an angled tip that lets you easily grip and grab the unwanted hairs on your brows. These great tweezers allow you to grab one hair at a time or grip multiple hairs to keep up your care. They also make it easy to see what you're doing so you don't accidentally grip the wrong brow hairs.

They also keep your skin safe, unlike sharp tweezers that cost you less money. The sharpness of your stainless steel tweezers should be just enough to give you an easy grip and let you pull out the hair without cutting you. A pair of good tweezers and a warm washcloth are all you need to get the eyebrows you want without all the hassle.

Watch the Pro's

If you want to get the best eyebrow tweezers that you can use, all you have to do is take a look at what the pros are using right now. You're never going to see a beauty care professional using anything other than high-quality, stainless steel tweezers in the salon and that's because they work great. No tweezing job will ever go well when you're constantly fumbling with your fingers.

The right grip is one of the most important parts of any precision tweezers and it will turn your painful ordeal into a fast personal care necessity. The tweezers that you see in the salon are the best tools that you can get for your brows and you'll never go back to the cheaper brands again. Your eyebrows will have a professional look that you won't want to go without.

Wax and Tweeze

If you have thick eyebrows that you want to shape into a different look then you can't ignore how great your results will be when you wax and tweeze at the same time. Waxing will remove most of your unwanted hairs at the follicles and your tweezers will help with your edges. You can use the sharp tip to move single hairs into the waxing compound to get the exact look that you want.

Plucking hair is the only way to use your stainless steel eyebrow tweezers. When you think of them as a grabbing tool, you'll find many more uses for them for your care. A slanted edge can come in handy, no matter what you're doing with it or what kind of hair you're pulling.

Avoid the Shower

No matter how busy you are, or how much sense it makes, the last thing you want to do is try to quickly shape your eyebrows while you're in the shower. It may seem like a very convenient option, but it's not going to give you the results that you want. Plucking and tweezing in the shower will lead to uneven and patchy brows that you're going to have to tweeze all over again, or worse.

It's important to be able to pinch your brow hair hard enough to pluck it from your skin and you're never going to be able to do that when you're slippery with water and soap. You're much more likely to end up pulling part of the hair out and leaving the follicles in place. You'll also lose out on all the precision that you get when you take the time to tweeze your eyebrows and nothing else.

Best Travel size Tweezers

When you need to shape your eyebrows while you travel, you can grab a cheap set of tweezers that you'll throw away immediately, or you can find a higher-quality set that will become your travel pair. Make sure you get a set of eyebrow tweezers made out of stainless steel with a precision tip. This tweezer set should also have a tip with a slant to make it good for many different grabbing jobs.

It's also a great idea to get a small brush and keep both in your makeup kit. Just be careful that you don't get your travel-size tweezers covered in all your other grooming liquids and gels. These two tools with take care of most of your plucking and beauty needs and the slant on the edge will work to keep your brow shaped and you can simply brush away the hairs you pluck.

Open your Pores for the Best Results

Just like when you shave your body, you want to make sure that you have open pores before you begin the task of tweezing the unwanted hair from your brow. It will also give you more precise control of the hair that you grab with the tip of your tweezer tool. When your skin has open pores, it will be easier to use the tweezers to grab the hair and pull it out.

It's also important that you wash away any leftover makeup on your face. It can get onto your brows and make it next to impossible for the slant on the tweezers to lock onto your hair. It will make all your tweezing jobs much easier and you'll get a level of precision that you just can't find when you don't have open pores.

Different Tweezer Tips

We've already covered tweezing tools with the edge slant but other tip options will help you carry out different jobs. It's always best to make sure that you have the right tip for the job or your beauty care regimen will turn into a chore that you just don't want to carry out. Having the right tool for precise control will make everything easier.

Tweezers with a pointed tip are best for plucking tiny and difficult hair that you can't get when you use an edge with a slant. Arched claw tweezers will let you see every hair that you're holding before you pluck them to give you the most precise control you can find. Rounded point tweezers aren't as sharp as the other options, so you don't have to worry about stabbing yourself for your beauty care.

Carefully Shape Your Brows

Before you take out your tweezer set and start shaping your brows with a sharp tool, it's important to figure out what that shape is supposed to be to get the best look from your beauty care. Find out where your brow is supposed to naturally and mark it out with eyeliner. That's going to let you know where to stop while you're focused on a tiny part of your brows.

Then use the correct tips for precise tweezer control to shape your brow right to the line you created. Stop plucking often so you can look at your brow as a whole and not just a few, tiny hairs at a time. You also want to keep the sharp tips from touching your skin so you don't end up with red marks that you'll have to cover with makeup afterward.

Eyebrow Tweezers and Pain

If you want to understand everything about using eyebrow tweezers then you have to also realize that it's a beauty care necessity that can cause you pain. Just remember that you're pulling hair out of your skin and that's going to be a problem. No matter how good your tweezer tool happens to be, there's still going to be a physical reaction that you'll have to deal with.

It's very easy to simply numb the area by rubbing ice on your skin before you begin your tweezer regimen. You can also numb the area when you take breaks from your tweezing to keep the pain and redness from building up as you work. Just keep in mind that this will close your pores and make it slightly harder to pluck the hairs from your brows.

Fix Dulling Tweezers

Regardless of the quality or cost of the tweezer tools that you're using, you're going to notice that they lose their gripping power over time and you'll have to do something about it. Every sharp tool is going to dull over time and that's just the way it is. It doesn't matter if you're talking about a high-quality pair of eyebrow tweezers or a kitchen knife because it's simply how metal and sharpened edges wear down.

To fix your tips, all you need is a nail file to hone it back into position. Unlike a knife that would have to be sharpened, all it takes to get your tweezer edge back is bending the sharpened part back into the position it's supposed to be in. Just run the tweezer edge over the fine side of the nail file and you'll hone it back so it works just like it's brand new.

High-Quality Tweezer Care

After putting so much effort into making sure that you have the right tweezer tools for the job and keeping them sharp and honed, you're going to want to make sure that you're taking good care of them to make them last a lifetime. It's easy to do as long as you're proactive and ready to keep up the care of your tools after you use them.

All it takes is disinfecting the eyebrow tweezers after every use and drying them completely before you store them away for your next use. It will keep them from decaying over time and clean away any bacteria that would otherwise be left to breed and reproduce on your tweezers. As long as you carry out this one, simple task, your tweezers will last the rest of your life.

Don't be Afraid of Tweezing

You don't have to be afraid of tweezing your eyebrows when you want to shape them and keep them exactly how you want them to be. Certain tools for certain jobs will. You can also numb your eyebrows so you never have to deal with any of the pain that you expect to experience.

Once you have high-quality eyebrow tweezers, you'll have the tools to carry out any tweezing jobs that you have. Take your time to focus on your tweezing and nothing else for the best results. It's something that you never have to be afraid of!

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