Brow Tweezers

Our Namesake tweezers are made in italy designed in Los Angeles to pull the hair directly out of the follicle without breaking the hair. Made with fun colors and quirkly slogans to brighten up any day.

Brow Grooming Tools

Our Ultra Luxurious Duo Brow Brushes are made for easy to use application of your favorite Brow Powders or can even be used for gel liners! For full blending flip the brush over to use the spooly attached.  Creates soft natural fluffy brow blending!

Beauty Collection

Beauty Collection Consists of our Specialty Brow Products.

Featured product

Lip Hair Removal Wax Strips
Black Duo Angle Brow Brush

Ultra luxurious synthetic angle tip thin brush, with large brow spooly brush to blend & smooth brow product for a beautiful natural looking brow.