Behind The Brand

Born out of necessity to find the right strength and precision. The Perfect Fuck Hair tweezer came to life. Rebecca Pletner Created Secret Service Beauty out of her one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood at the age of 26. Back then, having just settled into Los Angeles from her hometown of Seattle. She began working for a well known Waxing salon in West Hollywood and maintained seeing 15-20 clients a day. Many of her Celebrity Clients have included Nicole Kidman, Emma Roberts, Rita Ora, Mary J Blige, Stephanie Shepard, Larry Jackson, DJ Cassidy and many more. Known for her easy and painless technique she was able to create the right tools for the perfect pull each time. Now, 10 years later she is a Powerhouse single mom who has continued to maintain all aspects of the business. She hopes to help many other single mom entrepreneurs succeed with her knowledge and expertise as a small business owner and Esthetician.

10% of our proceeds will be donated to a local non profit organization that helps Single mothers who are struggling to pay bills or who wish to start a business and become an entrepreneur. We stand hand in hand to help the women across the nation to go for your dreams and know that in times of struggle the best dreams come to be born. To never give up and stay resilient, anything is possible!

The Expert