Why Tweezers Work For Eyebrow Maintenance

For decades, when it came to beauty, the name of the game was tweezers for eyebrow maintenance. With billions of dollars being spent each year in the cosmetics industry, it is no surprise that there are many methods and gadgets for removal of unwanted hair.

But even now, with hundreds of options from waxes to lasers to threading, there is no option that can compare to the effective and cost effective tweezers. Other methods of hair removal may seem fancier and more luxurious, but in the end, nothing will ever compare to tweezers for eyebrow maintenance.

New Ways to Maintain Your Brows

With thousands of cosmetic companies across the world, and massive amounts of research dollars, there are new devices and formulations available every day. And hair removal will always be a focus of development, as it's such a big part of a clean, groomed look.

But are any of these ways actually better than tweezers? Put a little thought into that question as we review the alternatives. You may find that tweezers aren't outdated or outclassed after all.

Waxing Brow Hairs

Wax and sugar, far from new to the beauty scene, has been used for hair removal for thousands of years. Today there are many options, featuring additives to change the viscosity of the wax, added fragrances, and different applicators.

Waxes and sugars function the same: a sticky substance is heated up, spread over the skin and hair, and then pulled off once it cools. The hair is stuck in the wax or sugar and leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Waxing certainly has its place, but are the eyebrows one of those places? The brows are one of the most visible parts of the body, so if you accidentally catch more eyebrow in the wax than you intended you can make your whole face assymetrical.

Compare this to high quality tweezers, which can accurately select a single brow hair to get perfect shaping, and are less likely to unintentionally pull a large amount of hair.

In addition, most waxing and sugaring options contain added ingredients for a variety of purposes, some of which can be allergenic or disruptive to hormones. When compared to chemical-free tweezers the choice is quite simple.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal

There are a few laser hair removal devices on the market today, and on the surface they seem like the perfect idea: a permanent solution to a perfectly groomed face.

However, a similar danger exists with these devices as with waxes: They are not perfectly accurate. Intended to be used on relatively large areas of skin, using them on the brows is an imprecise process and could lead to uneven brows.

In addition, eyebrow trends change over time. Too permanent of a change to your brow styling may prove very regrettable in a few years when you have made a permanent change to your facial features.

And with price for quality models starting around $200, this device presents a major investment for something that isn't even intended for brow maintenance.

Conversely, tweezers are easy to use and precise, able to pluck one or two hairs at a time until your brows are exactly as you want them to be. When trends change, you can easily change your style.


Threading is another precise method for removing hair, and much like tweezing does not involve chemicals or heat. A twisted length of thread is used to catch and remove hairs. It is a very precise and quick method.

However, there is a learning curve involved in learning to thread your own brows, and a mistake can cause you to have uneven or patchy brows for a while: certainly not the goal. For this reason many people choose to have their brows threaded at a salon, but this costs as much as a pair of high quality tweezers.

It may be worth considering making the investment in some stainless steel tweezers with a precision point rather than planning to spend the money on getting threading done every month or so.

Advantages of Tweezers for Eyebrow Maintenance

blue fuck hair eyebrow tweezer

Tweezers are among the most versatile and simple options for controlling your facial hair. With just a bit of practice and a quality pair of good tweezers you can take charge of your face, dealing with everything from fine hairs to unibrows to blackheads.

There are many types of tweezers, all serving different functions in your makeup toolkit. The best tweezers are the ones you have handy, so make sure you have a pair for your purse as well as one for your vanity and maybe a car pair to be safe. That said, there are many types of tweezers, and they serve important and unique functions.

Slant Tip Tweezers

The iconic staple of every beauty kit, not all slant tip tweezers are created equal. Look for ones in stainless steel that will never rust. Coatings in fun colors or with amusing slogans are a plus, but even plain coating provides improved grip and comfort.

Slant tip tweezers will be perfect for many beauty tasks, allowing both precise removal of individual hairs and mass plucking of several hairs at once when grooming has gotten ahead of you. The consummate tweezer of all trades, they are also great for splinters and any other task at which tweezers excel.

Pointed Tip Tweezers

Accurate and precise, these are the perfect tweezers for ingrown hairs or blackheads. They are also great for eyebrows and fine hairs, though they will not be able to pluck very many hairs as quickly as slant tip.

Flat Tip Tweezers

With straight edges, these tweezers can grasp relatively large numbers of fine hairs all at once. If you invest in quality tweezers they will make short work of fuzz on the cheekbones or brow bone and do a good job cleaning up the temples.

Round Tip Tweezers

These tweezers are easy to use for areas of the face that are vulnerable to pinching, as their edges are more forgiving than sharper pointed tweezers. They are quite preferable for below the outside edges of the brows, where the sensitive skin of the eyelid is easy to pinch and tent with slant or pointed tweezers.

Angled Tip Tweezers

Often used in the emergency room for tying stitches, these also work well for all precise tweezing purposes.

Your Routine for Control of Tiny Hairs

Everyone's hair grows at a different rate, and hair growth is influenced by time of year, hormonal factors, and nutrition. Your grooming schedule may have to vary accordingly. But having quality tweezers on hand makes it easy to decide to get ahead on your beauty routine rather than letting things run amok.

Weekly Pampering for Great Grooming

Setting up your home beauty routine is an important part of taking charge of your self care. Prioritize time to remove unwanted hair so it never gets out of control. Having quality tools that are fun to use will be a great incentive to help you stick to your new schedule.

A nice hot shower will make the hair follicles relax, letting the hair removal be almost painless.

Add some soothing lotions to help your skin recover after you are done plucking, play some favorite music and you'll find that you are consistently looking your best--while also looking forward to your next hair removal session.

Stray Hairs Strike Back

Maybe you think that you have perfectly honed in your beauty routine, consistently supervising the growth of your brows and keeping your upper lip perfectly smooth. But if you ever arrive at a fancy party only to notice that your least favorite chin hair is back, you will be glad you have an emergency pair of tweezers in your car or purse. Just find a good mirror and nobody ever needs to know.

The Best Tweezers for Your Best Look

The right grooming tools are absolutely crucial to a successful beauty routine. When you have a great quality pair of tweezers with a sleek design, made from stainless steel to resist rust and be easily sharpened, you will find confidence to try new looks because you know you look your best.

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